Life, especially #boymomlife is all about balance.  I try to rock my 3 main areas of #boymom #life and of course, #style (See what I did there).  I’m loving my new Cameron Charm Choker that is balance but in a really pretty necklace.

The 5 Celestial symbols are:
🐍Serpent = Transformation
🌞Sun = Life/Self
🙌🏼Hamsa = Protection
🔺Triangle = Faith
💎Diamond = Clarity/Wisdom


It’s about to get COLD up in here, so I had to get this dress in one more time.  I’m obsessed with the Socialite brand at Nordstrom.  This dress meets all my fall trend criteria: cold shoulders, rips and is comfortable #momlife.

Jewelry: @stelladot    Sneakers: @vincecamuto  Dress: Socialite at @nordstrom


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